52 Lbs
52 Lbs
 Two 50+ Lbs 
Two 50+ Lbs

50+ Lbs
50.45 lbs50.45 Lbs

Tired of paying for charters & catching no fish?
We guarantee fish or you don’t pay.

We fish everyday. We know where the fish are.

If we don't catch striped bass, bluefish or weakfish, all you pay for is the fuel.

Capt. Vinny Vetere 917-693-8908

Watch us Limit-Out in 7 mins!

By the time we arrived at the first drop 2 passengers were sea sick.
Capt & mate were able to fish and we were back at the dock by 7:45am with 12 fish.

Catching Bunker For Bait On the Katfish

Bait so fresh, they needed to be slapped :-)

Big Stripers Chasin' Bunker

More Good Fishin' On The Katfish

Shark? Did someone say SHARK?!

10 ft Thresher Shark, caught and released on the Katfish

Big Bass Again, When Will It End?

Striped Bass - 30-45lbs caught on live bunker, fishing near Jones Inlet

It was HOT today! Frankie get a 61!

Striped Bass, 7am, in 90 degree heat - 19 fish caught on live bunker, fishing near Jones Inlet

7-8-10 - Best Day Yet? & Another 50!

After heavy fogs cancels the charter, we take crew trip & put a beating on the Big Girls

The Fish Was As Big As A Whale!

Wait, It Was A WHALE!!!

Brad & Jordan Go Fishing

They nail 17 Stripers to 43 lbs!

Up the River

Nice Summer Fishing for Striped Bass

Far East, Part 1

Last Crew Trip, Spring 2010

Far East, Part 2

Last Crew Trip, Spring 2010

Fishing in the Narrows

Watch Out for those Big Ships passing in the Channel

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